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Apparently.. “Grey (British English) or gray (American English) is an intermediate colour between black and white. It is a neutral or achromatic colour, meaning literally that it is a colour “without colour.”

Well for a colour without colour, Zebedee Dove Grey looks pretty eye-catching to me! Nestling nicely between Zebedee Original and Zebedee Pewter, Dove Grey is a striking addition to the Zebedee range.   It is classic and ever-relevant and will look fabulous teamed with anything from black to pink!

Designed specifically for angled ceilings, Zebedee Hanging Rails will mirror virtually any angle.  From under stairs cupboards to loft conversions – the perfect finishing touch.

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The  Zebedee Dove Grey Open Wardrobe Rail – smoky and crisp, pure and full toned.  Nestling nicely between Zebedee Original and Zebedee Pewter, Dove Grey is a stunning, addition to the Zebedee range.  The colour of fresh concrete, it is a classic and ever relevant grey which and will look striking teamed with anything from black to pink!

Specifically designed to provide open wardrobe hanging storage for sloping ceilings, The Zebedee Rail features a spring coil, which spirals around a central rod, so a hanger can be hung on each turn of the coil.  As a result, your clothes (or any item) are captured, held nicely spaced apart and most importantly, are prevented from sliding into a heap.

Capable of carrying around 50 kg, a 900 mm Zebedee will hold approximately 34 items with one hanger at each turn of the coil. T-shirts and light items can be doubled up – while heavy winter coats, spaced further apart.  Utilise every inch of the height available hanging your maxi dresses or long coats at the tall end, and smaller items at the other.

Zebedee is unique, off the shelf and will mirror virtually any angle.   It is ideal for  dormer bedroom, loft conversion, walk in wardrobe, under the stairs, the kitchen or even the garden shed.

With a Zebedee Any Angle Hanging Rail, you can hang your clothes in style in that corner of your room previously too awkward to use.  As a stylish designer product in its own right, Zebedee is intended to be left as an open wardrobe for easy access.  Alternately, you could build your Zebedee in, screen it off or cover with a beaded curtain.  The choice is yours.

Zebedee Dove Grey has a smooth, powder coated finish which is tough and hard wearing.  It is available in a range of sizes which can be combined to cover virtually any length.

Whether it is used to provide highlight or to harmonise to your decor, smooth Zebedee Dove Grey is not to be missed. It is the perfect finishing touch for your loft bedroom or under stairs alcove.

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500mm, 600mm, 700mm, 800mm, 900mm

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