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Hello, I’m Diane

I am the designer of Zebedee Hanging Rail

"My bedroom is in a loft conversion with sloping ceilings. Large, freestanding wardrobes took up the tallest part of the room, meaning my bed was shoved to one side under the sloping ceiling. "

My bedroom is in a loft conversion with sloping ceilings to each end of the room. For years, I lived with large, freestanding wardrobes, which I’d brought from my previous home. They did a very good job of taking up the tallest part of the room, meaning my bed was shoved to one side under the sloping ceiling. Not ideal. A bedroom is supposed to be a place of relaxation, but mine wasn’t. Everything was unbalanced and I needed more space.

I realised that what I needed was hanging rails, which followed the angle of the ceiling. I could then devote one end of the room to hanging space and a walk-in wardrobe area, leaving most of the room for my bed.

Fabulous idea except for one thing… I couldn’t find angled hanging rails anywhere.  And I looked worldwide!

I just couldn’t understand why they didn’t exist.

Now I am quite a practical person. I had an on-line retro-industrial furniture business. I am a bit of an amateur restorer and love rescuing furniture and lighting, and making it good. In addition, my current home is the second property I have restored, completing much of the work myself, with very little professional help. I love a challenge and if I don’t know how to do something, I find out.

So, faced with the problem of wanting angled hanging rails and not being able to find any, what could I do but design my own?

So in 2017 and I played around with some concepts and, three versions later, Zebedee was created.  Built to my own design, I fitted them to the angled space, and they really worked!   I was thrilled!

With the awkward wardrobes gone, my bedroom has now doubled in size.  It’s organised, with oodles of hanging space in half the area that the wardrobes had taken up.  My bed is centralised with a lovely big headboard and plenty of room to either side.  There is so much more room!  My clothes are no longer squashed away and forgotten.  They are easy to see and access, saving me time and money too, considering the items I forgot I even owned. No more clumsy wardrobes, no waiting for bespoke cupboards, just Zebedee Rails!


And what’s even better – I have designed a totally new and an original product – almost by accident!  Take a look for yourself. I love what Zebedee did for me and I’m sure it will work for you too.

My Journey to Dragons' Den

A few years ago I bought a dormer bungalow in a village just out side of Grimsby, never dreaming that it would basically change my life.  In my early fifties, I designed a clothes rail for the sloping area of my bedroom and by my mid 50’s it was patented and trademarked in 30 plus countries. That in it self, is totally crazy.

But more was to come.  In March, 2023,  I received an email which I was pretty sure was a scam of some sort.  It claimed to be from a researcher for the BBC, wanting to know if I would be interested in appearing on Dragons’ Den.  I did a little checking, and then replied, very reluctantly, to find out a little more.

I say reluctantly, because I do not like cameras, and have always said I would not do Dragons’ Den.  We had a little chat, and I explained my concerns and I said ‘no’ but the  BBC chap asked that I think about it.. so I took the upcoming bank holiday to do so.  I did some research and it went back and forth in my mind.  Finally I decided I had to do it, for Zebedee.  Also, I don’t like being beaten by something stupid like a fear of seeing my self on film!

That was the start of a very long, time consuming process.  They needed a short video example pitch as a form of interview.. which in itself took ages and about 150 takes!  And there was a massive amount of due diligence, which took a month to get together (copies of patents, proof of sales, accounts..)

Once I was through all that process, and was invited to appear then the work on the pitch started.  Every word of what I wanted to say had to be double checked and practiced, forwards backwards and upside down!  And then there was the seven years of accounts to memorise.

I had to think on that one.  I ended up with a bit of a memory palace around the workshop, with each area covering a different years accounts, and turning the figures into rhymes which made them easy to memorise!

“One nine eight, I have a date,

he’s a hundred years old,

And he acts like he’s eight!!”

I then had to just walk round the workshop in my head and I could visualise that years figures.  I spent hours in the workshop with my eyes closed pointing at different walls and reciting what was there.  But my biggest worry was then that I would slip up in the den and refer to some 100 year old boyfriend or something.

I also had to binge watch previous episodes of Dragons’ Den as I’d even avoided watching it as I found it so scary!  I watched as many as I could so I could work out the formula for the program, so I’d not take things personal in the den and to try to grow a thicker skin.

To help with the camera issues, and to get use to facing the Dragons’, I printed off a photo of each, and pinned them in order, on the wall above my desk so I could talk to them!  I have to say, that didn’t work so well as I was still terrified in the den (although heaven knows why). I also pitched to a fake Dragons’ Den at the local business support group E-Factor, with all the fake Dragons’ sworn to secrecy!

We needed a portable display, so I contacted one of our Trade partners Peakcraft, swore them to secrecy too and commissioned them to build a fabulous display for us.  This was so tight time wise that we had to pick it up on the way to Manchester!

Now.. the day of..

My old school friend Tracy Todd and I, travelled down the day before, with her drilling me the whole way.  We found the studio and  dropped off the props.  We then had to be back at the studio for 7:30 am as we were going to be first in.  The props were set up, makeup done, sound checks, camera action!

Some of it I admit is a panicky blur.. Tracy was amazing and so were the Dragons’ Den support team.  Four plus hours later, we reloaded the van and headed home, happy to have secured a Dragon.

Yes it was tough, and yes the deal wasn’t what I wanted, but when I stood there, thinking frantically about the 40%, I knew I had to see the journey through to its end.  A lot of what had been discussed I was already working on.  I already knew that we could not cover the USA market from the UK so some compromise on production location would be necessary.  I’d also been thinking about how effective the name would be for the worldwide market, although I am happy with it for the U.K.  I was also pretty sure that Sara would understand it more and her research would back up Zebedee as the trademark, after the Den.

Basically I also realised that I hadn’t put my case over for the U.K production and name strong enough, and hoped that we could iron out and work out any kinks in the deal and work out the best way forward for the business together!

All this flew through my head in a few seconds!


The last few months have nearly been as bad as the prep!  It’s a lot of work.  The BBC say from the start that you aren’t guaranteed to be aired, and even when you are, you just know its going to be sometime between January and April!  You actually get only a couple of weeks notice of the airing date.

That does cause a lot of strain.  If your suppliers need 6-8 weeks notice, do you order a massive amount of stock for January or March?  Can you cover the larger than normal January invoices if you aren’t shown till April?  It’s one heck of a juggling act and a big gamble.

In the mean time, you are still sorting the legal stuff for having an investor.  It is not unusual for it to take over a year, before your Dragon is signed up.  So although very supportive during the process and always there for advice, they can’t financially help during this time.

Then of course there is the dreaded airing of the program!  All I remembered of being in the den was getting upset in the pre interview, and when I stumbled and froze in the den.  I actually did not remember all the nice things the Dragons said about Zebedee.  I was literally dreading it, and if I could have cancelled it the week before I would have.  I was bouncing off the wall!  My family, friends and team were amazing at keeping me calm-ish.

I spoke to another couple of businesses that Sara had invested in, and that was a massive help.  All my doubts, quandaries and fears were not unusual.

The airing wasn’t actually that bad and was a massive relief!  The editors I think, were very kind to me, but also it helped to see how much the Dragons really did like Zebedee.  I honestly had spent months thinking I’d messed up big time!

And afterwards.. wow.. I was not prepared for the bombardment of well wishes!  Customers from years ago, getting in touch with photos of their Zebedee and saying how amazing Zebedee is and how well I’d done on Dragons Den.  The orders took off as well, so did social media and local news outlets.

So yes, appearing on Dragons’ Den takes a lot of time (which I could have spent building the business in other ways),  is a massive amount of work, and is very stressful.  But it’s been one heck of a journey and  I’ve learnt a lot and even though I’ve spent most of the last year totally stressed out, I am now glad I did it.

I’m now even a lot more comfortable on camera – or at least I’m getting there!  🙂

Diane x

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