Here's a quick step-by-step guide on
How to measure and fit The Zebedee Any Angle Hanging Rail
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Dear Customer,

Thank you for your purchase of the Zebedee Hanging Rail.

Zebedee can be fitted by anyone with reasonable D.I.Y. Skills.  The fitting, however, is crucial so please follow the instructions exactly or consult a professional if in any doubt.

If fitting into an alcove, please allow 9cm for the top bracket to protrude at a right angle, from the sloping ceiling towards any adjoining wall, and measure downwards from that point.

If fitting directly into a wooden ceiling  – please follow instructions from Step Four.

If fitting into a plastered ceiling, it is advisable to fit to a wooden lath first as follows:

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Zebedee brackets come complete with screws suitable for fitting directly into a wooden support – be it a ceiling rafter or wooden lath.

Fitting to a wooden lath allows the brackets to be pre-positioned on a flat surface prior to being fitted upside down and is necessary if fitting direct to plasterboard with no wooden backing.  A wooden lath allows for the Zebedee Rail loaded weight to be shared by multi points of support and reinforced with no nails glue.

If fitting directly to a wooden ceiling or rafter – please go to stage 2

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Step 1

You will need:

  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Drill, wooden bits
  • Screws, suitable wall plugs.

Wooden Lath method (optional):

  • Wooden lath – slightly longer than the rail x 75mm wide minimum x 10mm thick approximately.
  • “No Nails” adhesive.
  • Countersink head

Lath Method (recommended)

Prior to fixing the lath to the ceiling, it helps if the bracket screw holes are pre-positioned as follows:

  • Fit one bracket securely to one end of the lath.
  • Place the hanging rail against the fitted bracket so the end nut is covered, and the bracket is up against the steel washer.
  • With the hanging rail held in position, place the other bracket likewise.
  • Secure the 2nd bracket with the rail in place, ensuring a nice and snug fit.
  • If fitting the Zebedee rails against each other in a row, repeat the above process with the next brackets.

Remove brackets and rail from the lath.


Lath Method (Cont)

Securing the lath to the ceiling:

  • Ideally, position the lath 25 cm minimum from the back wall.  This will allow clearance between the clothes hangers and wall. The rail can be fitted closer to the back wall if needed though, as hangers will angle.
  • If possible, fit the lath directly to a vertical rafter to ensure a secure hanging point. (Top top- knuckle tapping the ceiling can help and locate a rafter via the change of sound).
  • If fitting to a plasterboard void, the appropriate plasterboard plugs and screws must be used and the lath method is recommended.
  • At multiple points (to share the weight), secure the lath to the ceiling, reinforcing with “no nails” and counter sinking the screws.

Decorate as required and allow to dry.

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Stage 2

Fitting the brackets:

  • First, securely fit the bottom bracket to the lath or previously screwed holes or directly into a wooden rafter support.
  • Rest the End Nut of the hanging rail into the round section of the bottom bracket, and holding the rail in place, fit the top bracket.
  • Repeat process to secure any further rails.
  • Hang your clothes and enjoy!
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Step 5

Hang your clothes and enjoy!

Zebedee Carbon Black Hanging Rail

0-180° Perfect hanging solution for clothes, bags, shoes & coats

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