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How to measure and fit The Zebedee Any Angle Hanging Rail (1)




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How to measure:


Zebedee comes in five sizes:  500 mm, 600 mm, 700 mm, 800 mm and 900 mm.  The length of the rail is the total length of the Zebedee including the brackets.  


The brackets are designed to sit back to back  to combine different lengths of Zebedee.  So a 2000 mm space, for instance, can be covered by 2 x 900 mm rails.  The brackets protrude 7 cm and use two screws each.


If fitting into and alcove or wardrobe, it is crucial that allowance is made at the top for the protrusion of the bracket and access room for a screw driver. (3)



You will need:

  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Drill, wooden bits
  • Screws, suitable wall plugs.


Wooden Lath method (optional):

  • Wooden lath – slightly longer than the rail x 75 mm wide minimum x 10 mm thick approximately.
  • “No Nails” adhesive.
  • Countersink head
IMG_3024 (2)

The fitting of Zebedee is crucial.


Zebedee brackets come complete with screws suitable for fitting directly into a wooden support.


The easiest method is to fit the brackets to a wooden lath first on a flat surface, using the Zebedee Rail as a template.


A wooden lath is advised if fitting into a void ceiling – where specialist plugs are required, as it allows for the Zebedee Rail loaded weight to be shared by multi points of support.


Ideally, leave half a coat hanger width of around 25 cm between the Zebedee Rail and the back wall.  Zebedee can be placed nearer though – as the hangers angle naturally making Zebedee suitable for narrow wardrobe areas. (11)


Fitting the brackets is quite simple:


First, securely fit the bottom bracket to the lath or previously screwed holes or directly into a wooden rafter support. (10)


Rest the End Nut of the hanging rail into the round section of the bottom bracket, and holding the rail in place (using it as a template), position and mark the top bracket.


Remove the rail and loosely fit the the top bracket.  Replace the rail and tighten the screws!  Job done!


If fitting further Rails, back to back the next bracket and repeat!


Hang your clothes and enjoy.

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