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Introducing Zebedee Brass Hanging Rail.

Gorgeous and enticing, Zebedee Brass  is electroplated in actual Brass which will age naturally over time to a fabulous patina.  It will add opulence and riches to your decor.  On its own, it is subtle and luminous. Add a gilded mirror and chandelier and you have a gold-hued bedroom, filled with molten riches.

Zebedee rails are available in a range of sizes and come complete with brackets. They will mirror virtually any angle of ceiling, making it perfect for the loft conversion, dressing room, bedroom or under the stair.

Prior to ordering, please see the Installation Page for our Measuring & Installation Guide.

Sizes Available* : 500mm, 600mm, 700mm, 800mm, 900mm

*Subject to stock
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Perfect for the bedroom or dressing room, the very new, rich and glamorous Zebedee Brass Rail. Adding molten riches to your room, Zebedee Brass is as rich and luxurious and as it is regal and timeless.

The Zebedee Dressing Room Rail is the only off the shelf, clothes rail. Designed specifically to provide clothes hanging storage for sloping ceilings, it features a spring coil, which spirals around a central rod.  Hook a hanger on each turn of the coil and your clothes (or any item) are captured and held nicely spaced apart.  Most importantly, they don’t slide into a heap!

Capable of carrying 50 kg plus, a 900 mm Zebedee will hold approximately 34 items with one hanger at each turn of the coil – or 60 plus if doubled up. Utilise every inch of the height available hanging your maxi dresses or long coats at the tall end, and smaller items at the other.

Zebedee will mirror virtually any angle.  It is perfect for the dormer bedroom, loft conversion, dressing room, under the stairs, the kitchen or even the garden shed.

In the past, the usual answer to angled ceilings in bedrooms was bespoke wardrobes. But surely, they are really a bit too 80’s for your new modern chill zone? They shrink the room, are bulky, pricey and how many weeks do they take?!

With a Zebedee Bedroom Rail, you can hang your clothes in style in that corner of your room previously too awkward to use.  As a stylish designer product in its own right, Zebedee is intended to  be left open to the room for easy access. Alternately you could build it in, screen it off or cover with a beaded curtain. The choice is yours.

Zebedee Brass is classy and eye-catching with its electroplated finish which will age naturally over time. It comes in a range of sizes  which can be combined in a run to cover virtually any length.

Zebedee Brass – the perfect way to finish your dressing room, loft conversion or interior design project.

Amazingly simple. Stunningly effective.

Measuring & Installation


Zebedee comes in five sizes 500mm, 600mm, 700mm, 800mm and 900mm. The length of the rail is the total length of the Zebedee including the brackets. The brackets are designed to sit back to back to combine different lengths of Zebedee. So a 2000mm space, for instance, can be covered by 2 x 900mm rails. The brackets protrude 7cm and use two screws each. If fitting into an alcove or wardrobe, it is crucial that allowance is made at the top for the protrusion of the bracket and access room for a screw driver.

Brass 1


Zebedee brackets come complete with screws suitable for fitting directly into a wooden support. The easiest method is to fit the brackets to a wooden lath first on a flat surface, using the Zebedee rail as a template. A wooden lath is advised if fitting into a void ceiling – where specialist plugs are required, as it allows for the Zebedee rail loaded weight to be shared by multi points of support. Ideally, leave half a coat hanger width of around 25cm between the Zebedee rail and the back wall. Zebedee can be placed nearer though – as the hangers angle naturally making Zebedee suitable for narrow wardrobe areas.

Brass 2


First, securely fit the bottom bracket to the lath or previously screwed holes or directly into a wooden rafter support. Rest the end nut of the hanging rail into the round section of the bottom bracket, and holding the rail in place (using it as a template), position and mark the top bracket. Remove the rail and loosely fit the top bracket. Replace the rail and tighten the screws! Job done! If fitting further rails, back to back the next bracket and repeat!

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Download Zebedee Fitting Guide

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