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Dressing Room By Peakcraft

Un favoloso progetto di camerino realizzato dalla cliente Louise e dal nostro partner commerciale Peakcraft.

Louise ha detto: "Un'immagine del progetto che ho realizzato con Peakcraft per trasformare il mio spogliatoio scialbo in qualcosa di spettacolare. Avevo visto i vostri binari sospesi anni fa in una delle mie riviste di design per la casa e ho sempre pensato che sarebbero stati utili nella mia zona spogliatoio con tetto a falda per avere più spazio. In origine i progetti prevedevano ante di armadio e solo due binari per lato, ma ho pensato che i binari fossero così favolosi che avrei preferito averli e i miei vestiti in esposizione per avere un'atmosfera da boutique".

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Pull Out Space Utilisation

By Peter and Julie

A DIY project with a difference!  Peter and Julie fitted their Zebedee Rails into two, pull out pods on their open mezzanine.  This gave them loads of hidden storage and fully utilised the space available!

Customer Projects 3

400 Sq Ft Dressing Room!

By Peter, USA

“After researching countless closet designs, some of which were going to run into huge money, like the sun breaking through storm clouds, I stumbled across the Zebedee website.  THIS was our answer.  Although the roof was severely sloped, the amount of space was substantial and I thought, ‘why not use that ceiling to our advantage ‘ with Zebedee.

After taking numerous measurements and plenty of planning, I ordered 6 x 900mm Zebedee Rails, intending to install them end to end in sets of two.  This would give us nearly 6ft of clothes hanging space for each pair of mounted rails.


The end result: our 400 sq ft walk in closet, thanks to the Zebedee rail system, is done  it looks great and is very functional.


I can’t recommend your project enough!”

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Under Stairs Storage Sorted by Bristol Bespoke

Fabulous under stair storage by our trade partner Bristol Bespoke Storage.

Under stairs storage which has everything.. pull out units for shoes, flexible shelving and of course, a Zebedee Coat Rack!

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Scottish Lodge Bedrooms

By @truenorthlodgescotland

“Just to let you know our Zebedee Rails are GREAT!  They are eye catching and our guest feedback has been wonderful with everyone saying how unusual they are!  They also allowed us to get rid of ugly built-in wardrobes and open up the space in our compact bedrooms”

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Being Used to Maximum Capacity!

By Mike, Weybridge U.K

“I bought 4 rails from you last year….really excellent…only problem is my wife had to buy more outfits to fill the rails….now at maximum capacity!!
Customer Projects 8

Cotswold Mill Triangular Wardrobe Pod

By Studio Maclean Interior Designers.  Photography by @christubbsphotography

We were very excited to be involved in Jennie and Jason MacLeans home renovation of a Cotswold Mill.

They build a triangular wardrobe pod in their loft bedroom, painted it out in their signature Yellow and fitted it out with our matching Zebedee Rails!

“Thank you @zebedeehangingrail – the rails look so fantastic in the space while functioning so well!  Best of both worlds!”

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