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What better way to decorate your room than with lovely shades of white? Whether your style is rustic or modern, white provides countless possibilities.  Zebedee White Hanging Rail is cool, classy and crisp.  Modern and timeless decor alike will love its pure, gloss finish.

Make that sloping ceiling work by fitting a Zebedee Rail.  Zebedee White is powder coated and come in a range of sizes.  A 762 mm rail will hold approximately 29 items.

Finally, a storage solution for that awkward sloping ceiling!


Prior to ordering, please see the Installation page for our Measuring and Fitting Guide.


Cool, classy, and crisp Zebedee White Sloping Wardrobe Rail is the ‘go anywhere’ colour.   Zebedee White will flatter and harmonise  modern and timeless décor with its pure, gloss white finish.

The Zebedee Rail is the only and original, off the shelf, Sloping Wardrobe Rail. Designed specifically to provide clothes hanging storage for angled ceilings, it features a spring coil which spirals around a central rod.  Hook a hanger on each turn of the coil and your clothes or any item, are captured and held nicely spaced apart. Most importantly they don’t slide into a heap!

Capable of carrying around 50 kg, a 900 mm Zebedee will hold approximately 34 items with one hanger at each turn of the coil. T-shirts and light items can be doubled up – while heavy winter coats, spaced further apart.  Utilise every inch of the height available hanging your maxi dresses or long coats at the tall end, and smaller items at the other.

Zebedee will mirror virtually any angle. It is perfect for the dormer bedroom, loft conversion, walk in wardrobe, under the stairs, the kitchen or even the garden shed.

In the past, the usual answer to sloping ceilings in bedrooms was bespoke wardrobes.  But surely, they are really a bit too 80’s for your new modern chill zone?  They shrink the room, are bulky, pricey and how many weeks do they take?!!

With a Zebedee Hanging Rail, hang your clothes in style in that corner of your room previously too awkward to use.  As a stylish designer product in its own right, your rail is designed to be left open to the room for easy access.  Alternately, build your Zebedee in, screen it off or cover with a beaded curtain.  The choice is yours.

Zebedee White is quietly striking with its gloss white, powder coated finish.  It comes in a range of sizes which can be fitted in a run to cover virtually any width.

A Zebedee Sloping Rail is the perfect compliment to your loft conversion, do it your self or interior design project, be it modern or traditional.

Amazingly simple. Stunningly effective.


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500mm, 600mm, 700mm, 762mm, 800mm, 900mm

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